Electrical / Magnetic / Foot Pedal Switches

Experience the quality and finesse of Superior Electric switches for power tools that are designed, engineered and manufactured with precision and care to deliver the best in class performance. Smart manufacturing procedures allow Superior Electric to sell these premium quality switches at cutthroat prices.

  • L17

    Superior Electric L17 Aftermarket Trigger Type Switch Replaces Makita 651232-8

  • L17-2

    Superior Electric L17-2 Aftermarket Trigger Type Switch replaces Makita 651297-0

  • L29

    Superior Electric L29 Grinder Switch 18A-125V Replaces Makita 650101-0, 651176-2, 651177-0, 651143-7

  • L39

    Superior Electric L39 Aftermarket Push Button Switch replaces Makita 651947-7 & Bosch 1607200146

  • L50

    Superior Electric L50 Aftermarket Trigger Switch 24/12A-125/250V replaces Makita 651172-0, 651121-7 and 651168-1

  • SW29E

    Superior Electric SW29E Aftermarket On-Off Toggle Switch 15 Amp, 125 Volt Replaces DeWalt 5130221-00 & MK Diamond 154310

  • SW30E

    Superior Electric SW30E Aftermarket On-Off Toggle Switch 125 / 277 Volt, 20/15 Amp Replaces DeWalt 5130221-00 & MK Diamond 154310

  • SW38A

    Superior Electric SW38A Aftermarket Trigger Switch (Eaton Style) Large Button 24/12A 125/250V

  • SW38B

    Superior Electric SW38B Power Tools Trigger Switch - (Eaton Style) 20/12A- 125/250V

  • SW38C

    Superior Electric SW38C Aftermarket Trigger Switch (Eaton Style) Replaces DeWalt 391926-01 & 391926-00

  • SW38D

    Superior Electric SW38D Aftermarket Trigger Switch Eaton Style Overhang Trigger Replaces DeWalt 153609-00

  • SW44

    Superior Electric SW44 Aftermarket Hole Hawg Switch 16A-125V Replaces Milwaukee 23-66-1020

  • SW54

    Superior Electric SW54 Aftermarket Trigger Switch 10A-125V Replaces Milwaukee 14-78-0525

  • SW54L

    Superior Electric SW54L Aftermarket Trigger Switch with Lock Replaces Milwaukee 14-78-0550

  • SW66

    Superior Electric SW66 Aftermarket Push Button Grinder Switch 18A-125V Replaces Bosch 1607200147

  • SW77

    Superior Electric SW77 Aftermarket Trigger Type Skil Saw Switch for HD77 & HD77M Replaces Skil 2610321608

  • SW77-20

    Superior Electric SW77-20 Aftermarket 20 Amp Trigger On-Off Switch Replaces Skil 2610321608, Ryobi & Ridgid 760245002

  • SW77L

    Superior Electric SW77L Aftermarket On-Off Trigger Switch with Lock Replaces Skil 2610321608 & Ryobi 760245002

  • SW88

    Superior Electric SW88 Aftermarket Switch 16A-125V Replaces Bosch 1617200109, 1617200091 & 1619P10396

  • SW92

    Superior Electric SW92 Aftermarket Push Button Switch Replaces Milwaukee 23-66-2665

  • SW99

    Superior Electric SW99 Aftermarket Switch 16A-125V Replaces Bosch 1617200048 fits Rotary Hammers