Power tools break down at least once in a life time and when you need an affordable quality replacement, you need Superior Electric.
  • Replacement Electrical Cords / Boots / Cord Protector

    Constructed to last and bear the vicious day to day rigors of heavy duty jobs, Superior Electric electrical cords and boots are a safe bet to achieve higher benchmarks at affordable cost. Tested manufacturing process under strict UL guidelines yields cords and boots that ensure efficient performance in toughest situations.


  • Electrical Extension Cords

    Superior Electric offers a premium range of electrical extension cords with rubber casing and Jute fiber insulation. With UL approval and water, oil solvent, sunlight resistance, these cords are perfect for repair shops and fit power tools of major brands including Makita, Dewalt, Bosch, Porter Cable, Black and Decker, Hitachi, and more.


  • Electrical Pigtails & Adapters

    Superior Electric manufactures and sells economically priced electrical pigtails and adaptors that are guaranteed to produce top notch results. These pigtails and adaptors are affordable yet high quality and are perfect aftermarket alternatives to the parts sold by well known brands...

  • Replacement Electrical Plugs & Receptacles

    Meticulous designing, engineering and manufacturing procedures enable Superior Electric to offer finest replacement UL approved electrical plugs that customers will love to use. Astute brilliance of engineers and management allows for products that rival the performance of well known OEMs while being inexpensive.


  • RV Electrical Plugs / Receptacles / Cords

    Now replace your worn or damaged components with premium quality Superior Electric RV connectors designed to ensure highly reliable connectivity. Offering RV power outlets, adapters, extensions, RV plugs, electrical cords and connector options designed for marine, recreational vehicle, and campsite applications. Superior Electric has a wide selection of RV adapters and RV plugs that help with all your electrical needs.


  • Electrical / Magnetic / Foot Pedal Switches

    Experience the quality and finesse of Superior Electric switches for power tools that are designed, engineered and manufactured with precision and care to deliver the best in class performance. Smart manufacturing procedures allow Superior Electric to sell these premium quality switches at cutthroat prices...

  • Electric Water Pumps & Motor Diesel / Oil Extractor

    Compact yet powerful electric pumps designed and engineered with precision to provide tremendous performance while keeping the price considerably down. Implementation of high standard manufacturing allows for electric pumps that ensure long lasting efficiency and unmatched reliability...

  • Replacement Carbon Brushes

    Produced with well refined manufacturing process, these are perfect carbon brushes that can become a part of any high quality power tool enhancing the performance by a considerable margin. Achieve top drawer results in a cost efficient manner without having to compromise on quality.


  • Compressor Pressure Switches / Overload Switches

    Leading quality pressure switches that ooze reliability and sturdiness, designed and manufactured with top notch standards and practices making them perfect replacements for genuine parts from renowned OEMS. Smart manufacturing allows for top level performance at budget prices...

  • Electric Motor Capacitors

    Offering a full-fledged range of high quality capacitors that last long and give benchmark performance consistently. Now make your electronic gadgets and devices more reliable by installing premium Superior Electric capacitors to achieve the high end performance at a reasonable price.


  • Replacement Drill Chucks

    Premium quality chucks for power tools designed for consumers that want extraordinary productivity at economical prices. Top the performance charts with these remarkably engineered chucks that are manufactured to last long and give incredible performance during most tenacious work load situations.


  • Grinder Lock Nuts / Flanges / Wrenches

    Skillful design and talented engineering combined with precision manufacturing to yield premium quality flanges and lock nuts that exhibit reliability and ruggedness. These flanges and lock nuts are great products for a consumer looking for premium quality at reasonable prices...

  • Router Collets

    Remarkable design yields Superior Electric Router Collets with great quality. These router collets exhibit superb performance and longevity.


  • Router Template Guides

    Precision machining yields Superior Electric Router Template Guides with great accuracy for a very controlled cut pattern.


  • Replacement Skil Saw Parts

    Superior Electric offers aftermarket circular Skil saw parts that bear exceptional quality you’re accustomed to. Crafty engineering and contemporary production techniques allow for a product that’s premium and affordable simultaneously...

  • Replacement Ball Bearing

    Designed and engineered with unparalleled ability and manufactured with precision, Superior Electric bearings offer top notch performance and rival the quality of well known brands at a much lower price point. Peerless efficiency and reliability are the hallmarks of these flawless bearings available in different varieties...

  • Power Tool Replacement LED Bulbs

    Combining intense light output, reliability and efficacy, Superior Electric LED bulbs are optimized for directional, high-lumen applications, from indoor and outdoor to portable and lamp retrofits. Place your trust in LEDs that are designed to serve long service life with energy saving.


  • LED Flashlight / Floodlight / Moisture Meter

    Light up the work place with Superior Electric's LED flashlight or make it even brighter with floodlight. Bring all the convenience and brightness you need to your workplace with Superior Electric's lighting solutions.

    Superior Electric also offers high quality moisture meter for detecting the amount of water in various materials between the moisture range of 5% to 45%. A perfect little tool for multiple industries.


  • GFCI Plugs / Power Connectors / Testers

    It is a tall order to find the quality and feel of renowned brands elsewhere especially at cheaper prices but at Superior Electric you can. With manufacturing procedures specifically designed to maximize the quality while keeping the costs at minimum levels, we achieve receptacle testers that offer tremendous performance at aggressive prices...

  • Connectors / Terminals / Wire Strippers

    Engineered and designed with skill and manufactured with precision, Superior Electric connectors and terminals give renowned brands a run for their money with competing levels of performance and budget price tags. These connectors and terminals are perfect for consumers fishing for pristine quality at affordable rates...

  • Plastic Compartment Box

    Designed and produced with an eye for detail, Superior Electric storage boxes are a perfect place to keep your tools and kits well and safe. Great build quality and long lasting reliability ensures that your kits and parts are well kept while being affordable...