RV Electrical Plugs / Receptacles / Cords


Power tools break down at least once in a life time and when you need an affordable quality replacement, you need Superior Electric.

Now replace your worn or damaged components with premium quality Superior Electric RV connectors designed to ensure highly reliable connectivity. Offering RV power outlets, adapters, extensions, RV plugs, electrical cords and connector options designed for marine, recreational vehicle, and campsite applications. Superior Electric has a wide selection of RV adapters and RV plugs that help with all your electrical needs.

  • Replacement Electrical Cords

    Looking for the best quality electrical cords? Superior Electric's range of electrical cords will tick all the right boxes for every craftsman who's in the mark..

  • RV Adapters

    Crafted with finest quality materials and manufactured to the optimum standards, Superior Electric's range of adapters is suitable for a variety of professional..

  • RV Cords Storage Handles

    Find all the quality and reliability in Superior Electric cord handles that are designed and manufactured to bring efficiency and versatility to a multitude of ..

  • RV Power Strips

    Equipped with metal power strip, multiple outlets and a long durable cord are Superior Electric extensions that provide with versatility at any workplace...